Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm Surrey

Today saw the Gorse Fox nestled in the Starfleet offices in darkest Surrey. Several more appraisals were scattered throughout the day and because he couldn't find a quiet office from which to conduct the calls, ended up strolling in the town square in order to ensure some privacy.

Traffic in this part of the world is troublesome. 35 minutes after leaving the office, the Gorse Fox was still only 5 miles from his starting point, but once the traffic did start to open up, GF was able to do the last 35 miles in about 45 minutes. Never mind, the traffic ensures that he gets longer to listen to his books.

GF got off lightly. The Silver Vixen and her new playmate, round the corner, had a meeting with the regional sales rep for one of the big sewing-machine manufacturers. They ended up renting several of their machines for the workshop in the village... but at least there wasn't a pile of them waiting to be distributed round our house.

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