Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today has been spent in the Midlands with Jean-Luc Picard. Well, perhaps the Gorse Fox should refine that statement - with "after the three and three-quarter hour drive" to the Midlands...  Fortunately, he is in the middle of an audio book - so the journey was not too much of a hardship.

The review work has now been refined and categorised into findings, conclusions (categorised into a number topics), and recommendations. All of these are further divided into those areas of the project that most effected. J-LP will turn this into a presentation over the next couple of days.

With the results of last year's appraisals now "out there" - GF is getting lost of queries coming in from the dispossessed and disconsolate. This is the worst part of the process - having to justify the unjustifiable and explain to some people that because some accountant somewhere made an arbitrary decision over the spread of appraisal scores you have been deemed below par.

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