Saturday, January 25, 2014

A slice of Pi

A full English breakfast was a treat. It is not often we have a cooked breakfast at home - but today we made an exception. Out came the George Foreman grill, and within minutes a whole pack of sausages was cooked and being kept warm whilst a pack of bacon was similarly treated. A few eggs, some bread, some sauces and mustard... perfect.

The Gorse Fox bought a Raspberry Pi a couple of years ago. He has not touched it since that original flourish of opening the box.

The weather tomorrow is forecast to be dreadful, and the Silver Vixen is out for the day with her coven, terrorising the poor folk of Ardingly. The Gorse Fox sees this as an opportunity to, finally, get the Rasberry Pi working and have a play. If all goes well he should have a sub-£30 computer working by the time he's finished and thanks to You Tube and some of the videos he has seen on there, should be able to control it from his existing screen and keyboard (though he does have a spare keyboard and mouse, if needed).

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