Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Today was a change from the norm. After an early-ish start the Gorse Fox headed across country to one of the Starfleet training venues on Hants/Berks borders. He will be sitting in on a class for the next few days with the aim of both learning from it and prepapring to run it in the future.

As the class has drawn to a close for the day, he must admit that he has been very impressed y the materialpreseneted so far... and as he is just an observer he doesn't have to get involved in the various exercises that are being run throughout the day.

The weather is both foul and cold. The Gorse Fox has had to park on the grass by the driveway to the venue. He hopes the car will not have sunk too far into the soft ground by the time he has to leave on Friday. 

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