Friday, December 20, 2013

Unexpected pleasure

Schools having broken up and many people evidently not going into work meant that the Gorse Fox's trip to Midlands was a motoring pleasure. Cruise control set a 75 and hardly varied for 150 miles. During the journey the sky lightened and the sun came up bathing Oxfordshire (where he was by then) in lovely golden light.

Arriving at the Starfleet Base the Gorse Fox grabbed breakfast and met up with his new colleague, Commander Picard. A few minutes into the pleasantries a light bulb appeared above his head and realised the Gorse Fox was a resource he had not previously considered. So it was the the Gorse Fox became part of a two-man review team (with the Commander), who would have to visit Spain and Germany at the start of the New Year. A large multinational project needs some direction, and it looks like we will be providing it.

Separately we met with another multi-national team who need to move data-centres. It was decided that the Gorse Fox would be their advocate and mentor for one or two days each week.... assuming they can secure the funding for his time. It sounds like an interesting role and it will make a nice change to have a programme team that actually want to listen to the advice and guidance - rather than turn a deaf ear as the last project did.

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