Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Still appraising

The problem is simple - there is just too much to do in the run up to year-end. On top of the "too much" is the annual appraisal exercise. The Gorse Fox is trying to collate this and cross-check it, but there still exists huge gaps where colleagues have yet to provide their analyses.

The day was split between the appraisals and the new job. This has meant that much of the afternoon was spent reading and trying to assimilate some of the background thinking behind the underlying techniques. Interesting, but not always the way GF would have approached it.

As the walls of the study glowed red late in the afternoon, the Gorse Fox realised what a lovely sunset was painting the skies over Fontwell.

Being at home, the camera was at hand and a trip to the Silver Vixen's hobby room allowed a fairly uninterrupted view of the glowing clouds.

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