Monday, December 16, 2013


You would have thought it would all go smoothly. You would have thought that as 2013 draws to an end the technology its support is now up to scratch and all you have to do is plug devices in for them to work.

Perhaps the Gorse Fox shouldn't complain - this is, after all a first world problem. The A3 printer and scanner he ordered on Saturday and was destined for delivery on Wednesday, turned up at lunch time. He is not going to complain about a delivery two days early - particularly when it was shipped from Dunfermline.

So the first thing he notices is that it is huge. This should not come as a surprise - it has to handle A3 paper, after all. Problem is that there was no obvious space to put something of that size. A lot of head-scratching ensued. Finally a decision was made, and the printer nestles on the desk to the left of the Gorse Fox. (He uses the word nestle, loosely. It nestles the way a fully grown buffalo nestles in a window-box).

Then came the pleasure of installing it and getting it all working. Well, on the MAC he had already read that he should download fresh drivers. This was fairly painless and within a few minutes the printer was churning out a printed image.

Then the Gorse Fox moved on to Windows machine. To be fair the problems were not really directly related to the printer - more the fact that his disk was full and the installation ran out of space. This has triggered a major clean-up - 11GB of files deleted from the trash. 20GB of iTunes library moved to the Mac. Everything now on an even keel (though still have to check iTunes).

(No news from Cousteau-cub today - so not sure if she got her diagnosis, still)

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