Thursday, December 05, 2013

Reviewing reviews

Very chilly overnight. Quite a hard frost this morning when the Gorse Fox emerged from bed. Even Jasper, the cat, was not particularly pleased at the thought of going outside.

Tea made, the Gorse Fox commuted to the study. No traffic problems involved.

Really today was more of the same - a split between the year end appraisals and the new job. The lion's share going to appraisals today.

Most of the gaps left from yesterday have now been filled - which took a bit of cajoling, but finally got sorted. Then Gorse Fox tried to come with and refine several algorithms that would allow the cross-checks to continue and would highlight anomalies. Bit by bit they came together and after a long afternoon teleconference with his boss - GF is pretty satisfied that he has come up with some objective means of verifying the results of the population.

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