Wednesday, December 11, 2013


No, not the town in Berkshire.

Reading, as in books and documents. That is where the Gorse Fox has been focussing his time today. There is so much collateral that needs to be absorbed in this new role. Today he was able to have a fairly uninterrupted run at it and in so doing has found a number of areas that need his attention. As good as this material is, the authors have missed some of the classic "gotchas". These will need to be addressed.

Also, the Gorse Fox has spent a significant chunk of time today reviewing the options regarding tooling to support this service area. It seems perverse to him that, given Starfleet builds tools to support this venture, its own people buy a tool from a third party - then have to do a load of development on it to make it do what we need. This will be stopped, particularly having spent time understanding what we have put together using the Starfleet tools and what the potential is.


scobi said...

Obviously not wanting to be pedantic, but "... missing a gotcha..." seems to be a positive thing!

Hope you are well.


scobi said...

Not wanting to be pedantic, but "...missing a gotcha..." is a positive thing isn't it?

Hope you are well, Scobi.