Sunday, December 29, 2013


The Gorse Fox started the day by preparing a load of files to share with his cousin. This took slightly longer than planned when the Gorse Fox realised there was a batch of paper files he had not yet digitised.

Two of the three scanners were pressed into action and all the relevant files were soon ready for further analysis, and for transmission.

With all of that done and it being a lovely bright (if cold) day, we decided to go along and see if there had been any progress in the last month on the house build.

It was difficult to see in the bright sunlight, but with a little bit of fiddling, and a very long zoom, the Gorse Fox got some shots of the house. It is clear they have now finished the walls and the roof trusses are in place. He would expect the roof to be tiled by the time he next visits. It's all rather exciting!

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