Friday, December 27, 2013

Lovely day

Well, the day with Gorse Fox's tiny sister and her her family was lovely. Despite the dire warnings, the journey was trouble-free and indeed the route selected turned out to be fairly quick and cut the distance down to 51 miles.

Blade and Mask were there, though Blade was upstairs in his command centre, finishing off a University project, for much of the time. Mask was generally helping out, but also keeping us up to date with his progress now that he is working/studying in London. He has a big exam looming, but seems pretty relaxed about it.

The Master of the Household (always most pleasurable company) was his usual hospitable self, and we discussed everything from politics to backup regimes, from mobile phones to stuffed rhinos.

Meanwhile the Gorse Fox's tiny sister and the Silver Vixen chatted about the Beloved Aunt, Cousteau-cub, sewing, health, Urban-cub, Starfleet, and the Nursery (I suppose, in the circumstances, and with her involvement, what you might call a miniscule) at which she works.

Overall it was an excellent day and we look forward to meeting up with them again in the New Year.

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