Sunday, December 22, 2013


One of the features that comes built into the Mac is voice dictation. I have only just started to use this as an experiment. With Cousteau-cub having problems with her hands I thought this may provide some relief. Cousteau-cub has a new Macbook laptop and as this is a built-in feature in the Operating System - she should be able activate it.

Once enabled, anywhere you would normally have to type (like creating a blog post, or answering an email) can be fulfilled by dictation. This can be taken a stage further to control the compute also, but the Gorse Fox suspects that like all features, it is best to become acquainted with one at a time.

This blog entry an example of dictated text. The text can be analysed locally on your computer or across the Internet by Apple's servers in California. I have chosen to help my text analysed locally.

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