Saturday, December 28, 2013

Do not disturb

A quiet day at home. There had been an initial intention to pop out for a while, but both the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox got bogged down into their tasks - and before we knew it it was getting dark.

The Gorse Fox had spent some time on the genealogical research - frustrated by the apparent absence of the Silver Vixen's g-grandfather and g-g-grandfather from census records where one could reasonably expect to find them. He was equally dismayed to realise that he had not filled in records for some recent additions to the family (this has now been addressed).

GF got a message from a cousin. She too has been researching her branch of the family tree and is eager to share research. GF will prepare a package in the morning and put it on a shared drive so that she can see what he has found.

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