Sunday, December 22, 2013


Well things were looking iffy. There were two further power cuts in the evening - one in the middle of Strictly Come Dancing. The Gorse Fox suspects the people who run the power distribution network realised that the wrath of the Silver Vixen was about to descend upon them like a swarm of screaming harpies, and managed to restore power within about 30 seconds or so.

Power restored, followed quickly by household equanimity.

This morning has involved some household chores but the plan for the afternoon is to go to the local moving-picture palace. This to see the latest offering from Mr Jackson, depicting part of one of the books by Mr J.R.R Tolkein. Having been greatly entertained by theses books when young and when dragons still walked the earth, the Gorse Fox is looking forward to the show (or "movie" as he believes they call it in the Colonies).

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