Friday, December 06, 2013


Friday has been fairly quiet. There was an early call from Deep Blue at the airport en route to Chicago. He had timed out on some of his admin. GF told him that it wasn't worth worrying about - after all GF is the one informed about the problem - and GF will ignore it, in the circumstances.

Next it was a matter of finishing off the review spreadsheets and sending to the people that will co-moderate the session on Monday to complete the full review. This freed the Gorse Fox up to dig further into his new role and the assets that are available in support of that. This occupied most of the rest of the day - with the exception of a cry for help from Urban-cub. She had a spreadsheet problem and needed to find a solution.

This was a challenge. The spreadsheet was quite huge and needed selective extraction of similar records. GF is sure there must have been plenty of ways of doing this and isn't really very satisfied with the solution he devised... but though it may be inelegant, it worked.

Random network issues have niggled throughout the day. Not sure if they are within the house, or triggered by external flakiness. Things seem a little more stable this afternoon.

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