Saturday, December 14, 2013


We often chuckle when we hear from people concerned about a trip to Thailand - and what would happen if they are taken ill. We have learnt over the the years that the health provision in Thailand is fantastic.

Time and again Cousteau-cub has had to avail herself of medical and dental profession and each time they have done an exemplary job.

We received a message from her over night. She is in hospital in Trang, a medium sized town in the south of the country. She is having some tests to try an diagnose a problem she is having with her hands and joints. Speaking with her just now she explained the tests that were being performed and the interim diagnoses that they are trying to nail down. What was stunning about this was the description of the tests and how the results are returned within the hour. The Silver Vixen had similar tests here and had to wait ten days for the results.

You may have to pay for Thai medical treatment (but not much), but you certainly get an excellent service.

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