Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

Boxing Day was planned as a quiet day, and so it has turned out. There was a flurry of phone calls and the Gorse Fox made sure Skype was active in case Cousteau-cub got time to make contact. (She was diving today - apparently that is one of the few times she is pain free).

We had a turkey crown and a gammon joint to cook, and the Gorse Fox was feeling adventurous. He spent some time looking at various recipes and idea online, and got stuck-in.

The gammon was simmered in Coca Cola and a peeled onion for a 90 minutes (it wasn't a big joint). Then, skin removed, left to rest. Once cooled down, it was scored and pinned with cloves, then drizzled in syrup before roasting for a further 30 minutes. So simple, really, and yet the results were excellent. This approach will now be the "standard". The ham was sweet and moist, and almost irresistible.

The turkey also got attention. Having rested a room temperature it was coated in a past made from garlic and hole-grain mustard. This was put into an hot (220C) oven for 20 minutes, and then the temperature was reduced to 120C for a couple of hours. Cooking it slowly on a low temperature kept the turkey incredibly moist. Once cooked, it was left to rest for a couple of hours before we carved it.

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