Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Too soon

And so it came to pass that the Gorse Fox spoketh too soon.

The train journey ran to time all the way to Ford - less than 5 minutes from the destination station. It was there, however, that satan intervened and cast his wickedness upon the train front. This wickedness meant the train could not moveth forward, nor could any train about it move for it blocketh the line.

Our train remained outside the gates that represented heaven at that time of night. Eventually, the souls trapped in this limbo were shunted back to Ford Station where they were allowed respite whilst the agents of motion decided on a plan of action.

The souls in limbo, amongst which the Gorse Fox numbered himself, were loaded back onto the train. The train of the righteous would be rolled back so that the train of wickedness could move backwards out of the way. We rolled back and waited, expecting to see a train full of tortured souls roll past. Nothing happened.

A voice came from above and the train began to move. We would be taken back to Littlehampton and cast adrift. So it was that the Gorse Fox found himself on Littlehampton station in the middle of the evening. No transport was available for the souls of the righteous, they had been cast adrift in a hostile land. The Gorse Fox called the Silver Vixen who was willing to mount her chariot of light and rescue him; but lo! another voice came from above.

The train of wickedness had been moved. The righteous could go to a new train and it would cary them to promised the land. It would firstly be coupled to another train, and then head off into the night. The righteous returned to the train. The driver mounted the cab and then spent fifteen minutes trying to couple the train to the additional coaches. Wickedness had spread from the other train. This train, too, had been smote by Satan. Coupling could not be achieved.

So it was that some time later the righteous finally left the desolation of Littlehampton for the promised lands of Barnham. Having left work soon after five, it was approach nine by the time the Gorse Fox arrived home to the Elysian fields of home.

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