Friday, November 08, 2013


Working from home doesn't really mean "home" necessarily. The Gorse Fox had to take the car for its MOT. So he was up early and drove back to Goring-on-Sea to deposit the car at the maternity ward from whence it was delivered.

They informed the GF it would be a couple of hours for the test and for a scheduled change in brake fluid. They gave him a coffee voucher and he left them to it. Strolling across to a small coffee shop he settled down with a strong coffee and a satisfying breakfast and punched into their WiFi. By twenty to nine he was logged on and working as usual.

Needless to say the car passed the MOT and GF headed back to Fontwell. Logged back in, and continued to deal with a teleconference discussing the definition of shared services and which should be included and the fresh definition of scope that had been distributed by the client, overnight.

Overall a good day.

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