Friday, November 01, 2013


It was a satisfying day. Emails had arrived and it was clear that a colleague was trying to extend one of the Gorse Fox's spreadsheets. After a quick glance it was clear that the algorithm upon which his changes were based was incorrect and the way he had gone about it broke the structure of the spreadsheet. After a discussion, the Gorse Fox said that he would make the necessary adaptations to achieve what had been wanted.

Starting on this, it became clear that there was an underlying bug in the spreadsheet. Not a big one, in terms of impact, but a significant one in terms of the effort required to put it right. After three false starts GF finally sorted it out.

Fontwell Park Racecourse - a mere 5 minutes walk from home - had arranged a firework display and all of the locals had been invited, free of charge. The evening was a bit wet early on, and we were concerned about Jasper the cat. In the end we remained at home and despite the thunderous bangs, Jasper slept through it.

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