Friday, November 22, 2013


We were out.

The day was dedicated to the huge blue and yellow cathedral of Swedish furniture. It only takes about an hour to get across to West Quay from here and we were soon parked and weaving our way through the various room displays. Obviously, the new house was at the back of our minds - and particularly the suitability of a particular shelving range which we had seen in their brochure.

In real life it turned out to be every bit as suitable as we had hoped and indeed more flexible that we had expected.

We continued to meander through the store, but whilst there was plenty to look at - little else caught the eye. We stopped for lunch in the restaurant, commenting how quiet it was compared to our last trip. Obviously Friday afternoon is a good time to visit.

Finishing at the store we headed home.

Settling down with a cup of tea and our projects we were soon interrupted by an outage on the broadband service. This seemed to last for a couple of hours or so... but put an end to the Gorse Fox's research for the day.

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