Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In town

The day started very early. The Gorse Fox had a touch of catarrh which interrupted his sleep and had hime wide awake at 0400. He managed to stay in bed for a further 90 minutes but then had to get going.

The trip was uneventful except for the general chitter chatter of the early commuters who now include the Gorse Fox in their little collective. It does make the journey go quicker and they are a nice bunch. Once at the office the Gorse Fox settled down to the backlog of project related emails. It seems incredible to him the utter inanity of some of the questions and requests he gets from the glory boys.

A couple of review meetings today in preparation for the release of the contract next week. Seemed to go well, though the big one is on Thursday.

SIgnalling problems seem to be disrupting train services this evening. Oh the joys of commuting.

The Silver Vixen has had a tea party this afternoon with some of her coven. Sounds as if she had a great time - but will have to get details when home.

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