Thursday, November 21, 2013


It turned out to be a gem of a day. We arrived in Chi and went to the optician - GF's glasses were a little loose and he needed them tightening. The technician noticed a blemish on one of the lenses and not on sorted out the frame, but also ordered a replacement lens.

From there - we headed to the jeweller where we found a super piece that sorted the Silver Vixen to the ground and tied in well with the ring we got for the 40th wedding.

After that we met with Betty and Barney Rubble and had a lovely lunch in Prezzo and after a further spell of shopping - afternoon tea in Maison Blanc.

Meanwhile text messages and phone calls had been coming in all day to wish the birthday girl a happy day. Urban-cub called from the top of one of the fells in the Lake District, and Cousteau-cub from the middle of storm on Koh Lanta. On top of all this we heard from the builder that the new house may be ready a month earlier than expected and they are still trying to bring it even further forward.

A gem of a day.

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