Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sleepless in Fontwell

The Gorse Fox had a sleepless night. This is an extraordinary event. As a rule his head touches the pillow and thta's it, Morpheus holds sway. Last night Morpheus was evidently distracted. The Gorse Fox's little grey cells spun and whirred.

At the root of this is clearly his irritation with the current project. What were the options, however? Ask to move on was one - but if denied, should he just retire or put up with it? At the moment, putting up with it is not an option that he feels inclined to consider.

He got an early train and headed for London. It was actually a moderately good day  epecially as it looks as if, 3 months adter the fact, the new planning manager is looking at the end to end picture as mapped out by the Gorse Fox in June. Also, there is sudden interest in the design method and its artefacts (as laid out in May), and in quality gates (as laid out in May).

An email arrived from a Starfleet VP (and old acquaintance). He wanted to discuss an opportunity. The Gorse Fox expected another chunk of work arriving to run in parallel with the day job. But No. This was a job offer. Not just any job offer - but one that sounded very interesting at first blush. Talk about serendipity. The Gorse Fox still has to chat with the incumbent (another old friend) but based on what has been described so far, is quite keen.

Watch this space

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The Gray Monk said...

Good luck!