Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Run North

It was another run north to the wild lands of Buckingham. A run that despite rain, was almost trouble-free. The only blemish on the journey being a detour around Bicester because of roadworks in the middle of town.

Back with the family we discussed and agreed  minutiae of mail redirection, probate management, Order of Service, readings, hymns, and other music. A visit from the chaplain then helped put some shape onto things and struck a well-needed note of reality.

Eventually we left to come home - significantly later than planned. As we headed south we hit heavy rain and the most spectacular and unusual lightning storm the Gorse Fox has witnessed here in the UK. The lightning seemed to be dancing across the sky, between the clouds - rather than striking the ground. It lasted for at least a couple of hours and was, at times, quite blinding.

Despite nature's wrath, we got home safely.

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