Friday, October 25, 2013

Jumping ship

The Gorse Fox has heard of yet another colleague jumping ship. Not from Starfleet, from the Gorse Fox's division to another. He has also heard rumours of several further colleagues seeking alternative postings within the corps. This is worrying as it confirms to the Gorse Fox that his current posting is sub-optimal and that technical skills and design skills are not appreciated there. It's a bit like Scotty on the Enterprise being given a new engineering room staffed by accountants and cooks... he becomes the odd one out and when engineering is required he gets asked questions about switching on calculators or making a light batter!

Had a good telecon with the Human Exploitation department regarding this year's appraisal programme and how we might improve it over last year. Have high hopes for a less painful process this year, but only time will tell. Personally, the Gorse Fox is in under no illusions. He will be strung out this year... after all, why waste a good grade on someone who is retiring. Cynical, moi?

Cousteau-cub phoned the Silver Vixen late afternoon. They had a long chat and C-c was debating a return home for the funeral next week. Silver Vixen tried to convince her this was not necessary - and it was a long journey for just a few days. As it is, her email - which touched everyone's heartstrings - will be read out as part of the service. So she will be there in spirit.

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Patrick Cox said...

My sympathies on the 'jumpers' and the situation with the team. It is similar to my own experience in the last twelve months leading up to my retirement.

My thoughts and symathies will be with you all in the coming week for the funeral.