Friday, October 11, 2013


The fact that the Gorse Fox is at home could be the day's only saving grace. The first few calls of the day were ok - they were focussed on design problems and their solution. Then the project management call came in and the Gorse Fox had to snarl "management by bullying doesn't work with me, nor do arbitrary deadlines. Shut up, and back off."

Some serious back-peddling took place and peace was restored. Much of the rest of the day was spent trying to reconcile data that should be in a database - but has to be managed by spreadsheet to keep the project managers happy.

The Gorse Fox will be very glad when Farmer Giles returns from holiday and takes back that side of GF's job.

Heating has now kicked in properly at home. Probably would have worked better and kicked in earlier if the Gorse Fox had read the instructions more carefully. Anyway, very cosy now - which is good as we are being pounded by heaving rain driven by northerly winds.

Yellow sticky on the side of the screen to remind GF of all the work he still has to complete over the weekend.

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