Saturday, October 19, 2013


After a couple of very intense days, there is little that can be done today. As a result we have all dispersed to our homes and will have some domestic time to catch our thoughts.

The family visited the Chapel of Rest, we have heard the results of the post mortem, and the interim death certificates are on their way. We have selected the coffin, and even selected a venue for the tea and cakes that will follow the service.

Next we will meet the chaplain...

But today is a quiet day.

The Gorse Fox thinks the highlight of yesterday was contact with Cousteau-cub. Because she is so far away, and contact is sporadic, it is always a nice surprise. She has always had a way with words and managed to write an email to the SIlver Vixen that was so touching that it reduced everyone to a blubbering mess. I was quickly agreed that this should be used or read as part of the service - but the problem was that none of us thought we could actually get through it. This may have to be read by the chaplain.

An hour or so later C-c managed to phone and had a long chat with the Silver Vixen. It was good to hear from her in person.

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Patrick Cox said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time, GF. It is never easy.