Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good day

The Gorse Fox worked from home. With a plan to head to Buckinghamshire in the early evening it made no sense to go to London and not get home until eight-ish, then have a two and a half hour drive. Working from home, he could still do a full day and then get away in the early evening. 

The journey was not too bad, despite a slow trek around the the south-west segment of the M25. Ignoring the SatNav, the Gorse Fox stayed with it until he got to the A41 - this worked well and the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen were checking in to the hotel soon after nine.

The hotel, in Winslow, is an old coaching inn and the Gorse Fox had booked their best room. It's a lovely quaint, timbered room with an half-tester bed and huge jacuzzi. Sitting here now, it is clear that it is not a quiet retreat as people move about downstairs and doors thump closed. Oh well, I guess such issues were less concern back when the place was built.

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