Thursday, October 10, 2013


The one where...

The day started with the early train to town and conference calls and meetings filled the morning. By lunchtime, the Gorse Fox was delighted that he had booked the afternoon as vacation. He left the building and plunged into the tube.

Across London, Piccadilly was awash with humanity as tourists, shoppers, workers and travellers fought for space along the pavements. The Gorse Fox was heading for The Wolseley, where he had a lunch appointment in a private, upstairs room. It has now been several months since several friends retired, and this was the official farewell lunch for one of them.

There were about ten of us gathered in the suite that overlooked the main salon. It was a nice mix - all of those present would be classed, by the Gorse Fox, as the good guys and we had a lovely time. It is clear retirement has suited the Teddy Bear. He has been away several times, he goes swimming every morning, he has bought a bicycle, and he helps out at the local school. The other retired colleague has spent the las three months redecorating his mother's old house in Preston - ready to put on the market. Sounds idyllic really.

We had a wonderful meal, and several glasses of fine wine before the festivities eventually came to an end. A super afternoon... and a relatively early train home!

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