Friday, October 04, 2013

A quiet day

Working at home always lifts the soul. No time is wasted travelling, phone calls can be taken without a struggle against background noise, and it's easy to find a desk!

The Gorse Fox has had a number of items to deal with throughout the day - but the one he most wanted to to get under his belt has remained elusive as it was dependent on input from others.

Managed to have a long chat this afternoon with a retired colleague. It was good to hear from him and get his perspective on life after Starfleet. Sounds ever more attractive.

The Silver Vixen had fun today. She spent several hours round the corner with the leader of a local coven. They are, without doubt, hatching something and the Gorse Fox expects huge bolts of black silk to start turning up as they prepare new cloaks for winter and decide how to accessorise their broomsticks. The Silver Vixen is threatening to run some introductory courses (what the Americans may consider Coven 101) for neophytes to bring them up to a standard where they can feel confident with the more adventurous patterns.

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