Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Summer in the City

Another exciting day draws to a close. The Gorse Fox can hardly contain his enthusiasm and zest for work.

It would appear that even the most simple of tasks should not be delegated when you go on vacation. The Gorse Fox maintains a master list of documents that are to be created and issues reference numbers for said documents. (A task he is barely qualified to execute). It has become abundantly clear that this task is too complex. In his absence numbers have been allocated out of sequence and duplicated and completely ignored in some cases. Now he has to sort this out over the next few days. This is NOT rocket science. How can it be cocked up so completely in three weeks?

Some interesting challenges lie ahead on the personnel front. The Gorse Fox does wonder why people make life so difficult for themselves. He watched a documentary on the German Auto industry yesterday, and it was compared with the demise of the UK car industry during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Some of the behaviours that we evident in those self-destructive years seem to be passed on through the genes of some people as the plunge forward.

Only Wednesday, but Gorse Fox is growing weary of this week.

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scobi said...

I have no specific comment on document numbering, except to wistfully recall the tribe in South America whose counting system is "one, two, many" which I think would also work quite well when asked for off-the-cuff RoMs!

As for your holiday blues, I can whole-heartedly empathise with your feelings, because all the residents of Scobi Towers are also feeling it. I am not sure there is any real cure except a lottery win or retirement, or ideally both.