Saturday, September 14, 2013


Who would have believed that choosing a few options fro the new house could be so time-consuming. Some were easy - but will need thought. For example it wasn't enough to request extra power sockets in various rooms - the Gorse Fox now has to mark up a plan as to where they should be installed.
Others were less straightforward.

A bathroom cabinet seemed like an easy choice until the price was revealed. Then it meant a trip to a finished property to see what this unit looked like, and whether it really justified its cost. (It did. We selected it).

The kitchen colour scheme seemed easy. A selection of one from four. Even that had ramifications as it affected the tile choices and flooring choices throughout the house. (The interior designer had an integrated design for colours and textures - based on the kitchen selection). No this may seem obtuse at first - but the kitchen is very much the focal point of the house and actually the designs work well.

Urban-cub and Pistol Pete came to join us and have a look at the show-home. This helped with some of the decisions as we were able to get an additional opinion.

Once all was done - we headed for Chichester and grabbed lunch at Nando's

A nice day. Tomorrow the Gorse Fox has to plan the locations of the additional outlets - but the weather forecast is not good - so it will be a good exercise for the day.

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