Friday, September 20, 2013

Net Nuts

The Gorse Fox was faced with a problem. Part of the home network was not behaving... and the network attached storage was not accessible and the PC couldn't seem to see the internet.

It was time for some basic debugging... but whatever the root cause, it was not an error caused by GFD playing. Indeed yesterday he did not touch the computers, and the day before everything had been working fine.

Bit by bit he moved cables, ran diagnostics, and generally fiddled. Eventually he decided that the problem was either with the network switch (which seemed likely) or my be compounded by a problem with the NAS. Unable to waste more time he went online and reserved a new switch and a new NAS from PC World.

Most things are running again now - the switch seemed to be the root cause. However the PC is still not talking to the internet-thingy. Two remaining possibilities - 1) a duff cable; 2) a blown ethernet connection on the motherboard. Let's hope it's the former.

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