Thursday, September 19, 2013


Plans changed.

The Gorse Fox had been destined for London, but late on Wednesday was directed to the Starfleet offices in the heart of the Midlands. This was good - It gave the Gorse Fox a chance to take the car for long run and to listen to his audio books during the journey.

The journey was lengthened by two cars that had decided to try an occupy the same space on the A34, at the same time. Indeed one had obviously tried to enter the other through the tailgate. By the time the Gorse Fox was affected there was a 6 mile tailback that added about an hour to his journey.

The day itself was quite interesting and GF feels that a lot of progress was made and several fresh problems surfaced.

The Silver Vixen called - she had heard from the agents and the solicitor - Exchange had occurred on contracts for the new house. Now we just have to wait! Meanwhile she had also heard from the jeweller and the ring we commissioned for our Ruby Anniversary is now ready.

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