Saturday, September 28, 2013

M, cm, mm

After a mid-morning trip to see Angus and the Gorse Fox, freshly shorn, headed back to complete his list of questions that need to be asked, and measurements that needed to be taken.

It's all very fine having the spec for the new house but when you want to place furniture, decide on colours, or visualize the kitchen, a good model is a great bonus. It was clear that the model that GF had build from the original plans had its limitations and that some of the measurements inferred from the plan were incorrect.

Over in North Bersted we set about checking the actual colours from the chosen palette, then went across to the show house (notebook, camera and tape measure in hand). About an hour later we had a book full of diagrams and measurements. Back home the rest of the day was spent translating this information back into the model... and realising there were still key measurements missing and would have to wait for another trip.

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