Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Puzzle

The Gorse Fox is presented, daily, with the same puzzle.

A train is made up of two sections, A (4 coaches) and B (8 coaches). For two thirds of the journey the train stops at all major stations on the route. Then it splits into two separate trains.

Train A runs as an express to station X then on to destination Z, stopping at intermediate stations.

Train B runs to station X, but stops at intermediate stations along the route. Leaving Station X it then runs to destination Y - one further stop along the line.

A significant number of regular passengers travel in train A, but then once arriving at X, leave the train and move to the parallel platform to await Train B to take them to destination Y.

The Gorse Fox's problem is understanding Why? No further trains are involved. They await the next train, which is train B. Why not stay on train B to start with? Running fast on train A does not get them home any quicker if they then wait for train B.

It is illogical, Captain.

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