Thursday, September 26, 2013


Some days worry you. They start ok then head down hill. The Gorse Fox got the usual train but just short of Horsham it stopped and awaited a signal change. 10 minutes later it was off and then got caught in congestion which slowed the rest of the journey to London.

The first tube was too full so the Gorse Fox waited for the next. Halfway to his destination "for operational reasons" it was terminated and we all had to get off and await the next train. That was too full, so the Gorse Fox let it run and awaited the next. Not a great start, all-in-all.

Actually once the working day started it wasn't too bad  though despite setting up a central repository, random spreadsheets are turning up with numbers for which there is no provenance. This has been the major focus for the day - along with the justification of changes to the plan to move the build of one environment to the front of the plan.

Glad it's done for today.

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