Sunday, August 25, 2013


The trend continues with a hot day spent by (and in) the pool. Cousteau-cub and Coventry Hobbit were working but were able to join us by mid-afternoon and and hour or so of complete silliness ensued... as they decided that their dogs should join us in the pool.
Certain other people got involved, but will remain anonymous at in case the papers get wind of it. There may however be a clue in the following picture. It appears that even Bruno, the dog, wasa little  flummoxed  by the antics!

After a rather unreal sunset we headed down to Kantiang Restaurant where we grabbed a drink whilst they prepared a huge take-away meal for us.
We went back to Cousteau-cub and Coventry Hobbit's lovely house up the hill in the middle of the rubber plantation and ate the meal, making an early departure as both had to work in the morning.

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