Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shopping Mall

That fooled you.

There is no shopping mall. What there is amounts to a small town, Saladan, with a selection of shops providing a limited selection of goods - and a wider selection if you know where to go (fortunately, with Cousteau-cub in the car we were party to the extra selection). This meant we could catch up on some basic shopping and the Gorse Fox could get some cash.

On this latter topic, the Gorse Fox had chosen a CaxtonFX money card and must say that it has worked very well. and it is easy to top up, or check the balance. The ATMs here are a little mor problematic. The Gorse Fox is sure the work well - but in direct sun with the English text rendered in dark blue, they can be very hard to read.

The shopping trip was pretty successful in as much as we got what we needed and were soon on our way back.

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