Wednesday, August 14, 2013

R and R

As you might expect after yesterday's travels, today was a quiet day by the pool.
The Gorse Fox was first up and enjoyed a couple of hours of contemplative solitude before the Silver Vixen emerged and and hour or so later Urban-cub. Yesterday's clouds had thinned and the burned off as the temperature lifted into the low 30s. 

Though making use of the pool to cool off, we moved around to stay in the shade as much as possible. It would be silly to overdo the sun, particularly as we have a couple more weeks to enjoy it.

The Gorse Fox drove down to Cousteau-cub's and collected her so that she could spend the day with us. We used this as an opportunity to give her her birthday present (a month early). This so we could see her reaction and also so we could help set it up if needed. Like Urban-cub, she got a Nexus7 - that way we can stay in touch easily over Skype or Hangouts.

Lovely day

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