Friday, August 09, 2013

Over and out

Friday started with a shock. The Gorse Fox hauled himself into consciousness only to find it was eight o'clock - that's unheard of on a work day. In a state of frenzy he leapt from the bed and performed his customary ablutions and hurled himself down to his study.

The day had begun.

The agenda was simple - clear up everything that was outstanding so that come the end of the day the laptop can be closed and not given any further consideration until September. The question was, "is that achievable?".

The biggest task was to complete the write-up of yesterday's workshop, and to construct some slides that could be used to brief the Execs. This went remarkably smoothly and the briefing was very well received with only a little follow-up work demanded.

That cleared it was just a matter of wading through the email detritus to pick up and handle procrastimail, to do some expenses, and to clear up the usual personnel admin for the team. By six o'clock everything was clear and the Gorse Fox logged off.

In the meantime the Gorse Fox's little sister and brother-in-law had arrived. Yesterday had been their 32nd wedding anniversary and they were enjoying some time together and had popped in to see the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox. We all strolled down the road to the Old Stables for a very nice chat and a pleasant supper - hearing about their visit to Kensington Palace, and to see Macbeth at The Globe, and obviously catching up on family news.

An excellent day all round.

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