Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just drifting

What a lovely day. The morning was spent by the pool listening to podcasts and generally enjoying the views. Gorse Fox decided the sea was too inviting to ignore, so changing into suitable attire took himself onto the beach and into the receding tide. 
The beach shelves quite steeply, so the waves form and break close to the shore. Though they look quite benign, the did manage to knock the Gorse Fox off his feet. The water temperature was about 30C so there was no discomfort in just drifting around and enjoying the warm embrace of the Andaman Sea. 

With the Silver Vixen and Urban-cub, the Gorse Fox went for a stroll along the beach, It was noticeable that even the wet sand was soft and walking was hard work. We turned and on the way back stopped to enjoy a light lunch at the restaurant just along from the villa. 

In the afternoon Cousteau-cub and Coventry Hobbit turned up with the dogs and spent the afternoon and evening with us - going out to fetch take-away to save us from making decisions on where to go tonight.

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