Saturday, August 17, 2013

Evening all

In case it hasn't occurred to you, the sun sets early here.  Soon after returning from the shops we were  witness to a wonderful prolonged sunset.

It really is one of the awe-inspiring sights that rarely seems to disappoint.

and whilst the Gorse Fox took a long sequence of shots, he will limit the blog to just these few

By this time the Coventry Hobbit had left, with Bruno the dog loping along beside him, and Cousteau-cub was clearing her stuff and heading home on her moped (with Tyson, the other dog on her lap). We got in the car and headed to Narima.

Narima is the resort where Cousteau-cub often works, and was a regular haunt of ours during our last trip. Though they had a fire earlier in the year, things are virtually back to normal. Certainly, the quality of the food is unimpaired.

Back at the villa, the Internet connection was still not working - much to Urban-cub's disgust as that meant she couldn't Skype with Pistol Pete. 

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