Thursday, August 08, 2013

Escape velocity

Today has been the Gorse Fox's last day in the office until September. That's not say there isn't work to do tomorrow -  but at least that will be done from home.

The day itself started badly - some woman with ideas above her station sat in the seat the Gorse Fox usually snags on the train up to London. Damned cheek. Journey complete Gorse Fox marched into the office and settled down to a lot of research and preparation. A significant teleconference was scheduled for the afternoon - it was important that the Gorse Fox came across as "informed".

The call was scheduled for 2 hours but careful guidance and direction got the assembled crowd onto a trajectory that meant we had consensus after 90 minutes. The rest of the day (and probably much of tomorrow morning) was spent writing up the conclusions and drawing some diagrams to illustrate the way forward. Have to brief the execs tomorrow before lunch

Things seem to be winding down... and the Gorse Fox is reaching escape velocity. 

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