Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Once back at the villa and having related our exciting tales of the day to the Silver Vixen, we had a couple of quiet hours and watched another Thai sunset.

Cousteau-cub's friend Tukta had asked if she could cook for us. She is the most delightful girl and we were pleased to agree. Soon after dark she arrived with the most beautiful looking meal.

There we two huge fish, both fried, and one with a three season sauce, the other with garlic and pepper; there was a thai shrimp salad; there was chicken in ginger; there was (giant) shrimp in caramelised red onion and tamarind; and there was a tempura dish containing something like clams (but we never quite got the right translation).

It was certainly the best meal we have eaten all holiday - and let's be honest the food has been superb  throughout our time here. Tukta had prepared and dress everything it was an absolute picture. She went on to explain that different oils are used for cooking different foods, and how fish should be fried as it retains its texture better than being baked in the oven. It was a feast and we were all completely overwhelmed by her kindness and her obvious talent. (She does run a restaurant in high season, and does all the cooking as she doesn't trust anyone else to get it right)

We decided to adopt her.
Urban-cub, Cousteau-cub, and Tukta

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