Saturday, July 13, 2013


The Gors Fox saw a building on the web today that he had once worked in. This got him thinking about all of the interesting tings he's done and places he's worked.

He managed to find images of all but one.

This is where he started in Cockfosters - 42 years ago.
Leaving Cockfosters he worked in Harlow, for Longmans, where he wrote the software for the first computer compiled dictionary - The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. An interesting exercise, featured eventually on Tomorrow's World.
Longman's lasted an interesting 4 years, but the the Gorse Fox moved on to British Aerospace at Hatfield where they were building the BAe 146. The five years spent there saw huge changes including the advent of PCs, the launch of the 146, trips to California and generally a good time.
That brought the Gorse Fox to the first of many interesting Starfleet locations.

Guesses at the locations are welcome...
First major move saw Starfleet moving the Gorse Fox and his family to southern England, and he was in the first tranche of people to occupy this building, when new.
Another move as Starfleet juggled divisions between various locations.
Another move, but less local; This became a home from home as the Gorse Fox travelled to Starfleet labs to write one of several book
The Gorse Fox's favourite of all the Starfleet locations. He spent many a happy time hear working with designers and developers and walking in the nearby mountains. .
Significant time was also spent here. A huge facility that was used to build some of the biggest and most robust of the Starships. (Nearby was Starfleet's own Country Club - where the Gorse Fox would go for Sunday brunch - and make use of the swimming pool.
This was one of his favourite locations and back in the early 90s he used to spend a lot of time here - and indeed wrote another Starfleet manual here.
Some of Starfleet's locations are a bit more secretive than others and the Gorse Fox could not find any photos. An aerial picture will have to suffice.
Back in the UK there was a further shuffle and the Gorse Fox ended up in this building until Starfleet terminated the lease... and by this point the Gorse Fox's role in Starfleet was changing significantly. More time on client sites, and less time in Starfleet locations.
Skipping several of the more boring jobs, the Gorse Fox started working here at what turned out to be one of the most interesting jobs he has had - not so much because of its initial objective - but more because the company was acquired whilst the GF was there and was asked to work on the acquisition by the buyers.
This saw a period of commuting to and from States on an almost weekly basis for about 12-18 months. The GF had an office high up in this building with wonderful views over its surroundings.
When he wasn't in the tall building on the East Coast, he was in this low building on the West Coast.
Skipping over several more brief encounters, the Gorse Fox found himself working here for nearly 4 years. A very interesting time in an iconic building.
From the sublime he moved to the ridiculous as he spent the next four years buried in projects to help protect the food chain in these buildings.
A further project saw a return to to this industry - but resulted in not winning the work that we wanted and they needed. The Gorse Fox bets they had selected Starfleet after all.
The the Gorse Fox had to spend a couple of years here sorting out the debris of a partial merger.
The buildings in which he is currently working will have to remain anonymous for now.

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