Saturday, July 06, 2013

Progress, again

The day started witha trip to the developer. There were papers to sign, plans to review and, in general, stuff to sort out. As usual, with all of the chatting, the trip turned into several hours.

Back home, the task of planning started. The first exercise being a draft 3D model of the house so that furniture could be placed and decisions could be made. Once this was drafted it was easier to see the impact of the changes we would like to make, and determine the degree to which they would intrude or overwhelm. Early results are promising.

The nice man from Homebase/Argos turned up late in the afternoon with the sideboard/console table that had been mis-ordered a few weeks back. The Gorse Fox will have to put that together tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask what software you used to draft the 3D Model of your new house?

The Gorse Fox said...

Yes the Gorse Fox started by trying to see what he could do with Omnigraffle - but gave up; not the right tool for the job.

He reverted to Sketchup (free from Google) - so easy to use and depending how sophisticated you want to be can use photos to provide proper textures and colours, and even place it in the right location on Google Earth which allows you to see the impact of shadows at different times of day.

Lots of very simple tutorials on YouTube. You'll be surprised how quickly you can achieve superb results.