Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Long day... and farewell

It has been a long day. The Gorse Fox got the earlier train to London Bridge and then on up to Angel. The day was filled with issues and documents and, it goes without saying, the occasional teleconference.

Finally, the Gorse Fox got away and headed for the Southbank where he met up with a large cadre of colleagues to bid farewell to several of our most senior troupers. It was sad to see the go. They had been good friends over the years, and it it will be necessary to stay in touch with them in the future. Despite the occasion, it was enjoyable and the Gorse Fox hopes that the turn out displays the affection in which they were held.

When done it was time for a quick pizza in Pizza Express, next door. Then the Gorse Fox was to tired to bother with the tubes - so grabbed a taxi to his hotel.

Farewell dear friends, enjoy your retirement. (Oh yes, and try to wipe that smile off your faces).

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