Monday, July 29, 2013


The Gorse Fox has spent the day in the client offices and despite several interrupts has made significant progress on the document he is trying to finish. Now he is just awaiting input from a couple of colleagues and it will be put to bed.

Judging by comments from the north - it has been very wet in Edinburgh, so the brief shower in London during the late morning was nothing special. The afternoon turned hot and humid.

The journey home did not start well. The Gorse Fox caught the usual tube train and started burrowing beneath the capital. As we left Green Park, however, the train stopped in the tunnel. It would appear that when a tube train and a human being try to occupy the same space at the same time (unless using the door) it rarely ends up well for the human. So it was in this case. Some poor soul decided to embrace an inbound tube at Victoria - as you would expect it did not end well. The Gorse Fox's thoughts go  out to the driver of the train and family of the victim.

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